D. Deneen Bunch B.A., MS-MHC, PhD abd
Therapist, Behavior & TF-CBT Specialist, SASSI-4 Certified
Professor of Psychology, Addiction Treatment
F.A.C.E.S Professional Services LLC, Founder
Agency Internal Monitor for Federal & State Regulatory Compliance Systems Specialist
Bendell Inc, Treatment Facility Executive Director, Therapist

   Alcohol and Drug Assessments, Mental Health Evaluations, Anger Assessments completed in 5 days-4 weeks.  Assessments can be completed in person or by phone & Skype, Viber or IMO. 

I have worked with clients who have received a referral for DUI offense, possession charges & Department of Children Services cases for 19 years. My experience includes writing assessments, evaluations and providing therapy in facilities treating alcohol and drug addiction.  We can work together to get this requirement met for by your due date. 

Experience is supported by 20 years supervision and correspondence with various professionals to include MD-Psychiatrist, Cognitive Psychologist, EdD- Behavior Analyst,  LCSW,  LPC and a LSMW.

Types of Assessments utilized are: (ASI)Addiction Severity Index, (BSI) Behavior Severity Index, Sassi-4, SOAPP-R, SOAPP Version 1.0 SF, Mast, Cage-Aid, TAPS, AUDIT, DAST, Adult Descriptors I&II, Burn's Anxiety Inventory, Clinical & personal Anger Scales.

*Pricing depends on your due date for assessment to be completed.

The final report can be emailed or faxed to you and your referral. 



 I look forward to talking to you!

D. Deneen Bunch  

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